DSC_9728My 1st Blog!

7th July 2016

Well, it has certainly been eventful few months to say the least!  Shadowing Brian Jamieson for a few weeks, and trying to take in everything that he has done in 2 years (in only 2 weeks!!) was challenging!  I learned a lot and will try to use the advice I got to make good decisions.  The we had Officer Training, which was fun…   Except the marshmallow and spaghetti building exercise.  If you have ever tried it you will know! I got to know my officers a bit better, and we had a good few days learning about student representation and how to do our jobs, basically!  I have spent most of the time after that attending meetings for the first time as President, working through important staff induction stuff on Data Protection, and Safeguarding, and Equality and Diversity.  Not to mention Freshers planning.  I do hope Freshers’ Fair turns out to be a success, and at the very least, you guys get something out of it.

Never wrote a blog, so I don’t really know what to put into it.  Family life is good…  I’m healthy….  Thinking of adopting a pet mongoose and calling him Sherlock.

See you soon!