You should know when your exams will be, or when your assignment is due, so create yourself a study plan or timetable to keep yourself on task. Be organised! Make sure you leave lots of time to revise so that you don’t have to cram at the last minute. Believe us – that is stressful!

If you plan, you will become more confident, better prepared, and more relaxed. Make sure you include some flexibility in your plan in case something happens and you fall behind your schedule. Use your plan or timetable to monitor your progress. If you fall behind, work out how to get back on track. Avoid falling behind further as you may become more stressed and anxious.

Set yourself some realistic goals at each study period e.g. to cover a particular topic. Remember to treat yourself once you’ve achieved one of your objectives – maybe a bit of chocolate, or 15mins on Facebook. It’s the little things that will motivate you to keep going!