Student Elections

Every year we give students the opportunity to elect a group of individuals to lead the Students’ Association. All our Officers work in a range of full-time and voluntary positions for one year. Their objective is simple – to improve your time here at Borders College.

Any student has the right to stand for election. All students have the right to vote. Each year you can vote for your Students’ Association officers.

Information on how to apply for any of our elected positions can be found on our forms and resources page.

Your 2020-21 Student President Candidates:

Sally Prentice 

Student Officers

Vice-President for Education

Making improvements to learning and teaching based on student feedback. Very involved in the student representative system and will sit on the college’s Board of Management alongside the Student President.

Vice-President for Wellbeing

Working with the college, Student Services and BCSA to make sure we are all doing as much as we can to improve student wellbeing and mental health.

Vice-President for Activities

Supporting BCSA to run student events and activities throughout the year.

Vice-President for Newtown, Tweedbank and ISEC

Representing students across our three smaller campuses.

LGBT+ Officer

Representing students from the LGBTQ community, and leading our LGBTQ student group.

Disability Officer

Representing disabled students and supporting the college to become more accessible and inclusive for disabled people.

Women’s Officer

Representing all students who identify as female, create opportunities for female empowerment and work with the college to address gender inequality in all its forms.

Sports Officer

Organising inclusive sports events and activities for all students 

Student Elections 2020 – The Manifestos

Sally Prentice – VP Education