BCSA and Borders College in Partnership

On Friday 4th September in the Union, Brian Jamieson (President, Students’ Association) was joined by Liz McIntyre, Principal of Borders College, to sign the very first Student Partnership Agreement. The Agreement will formalise the way in which students are represented at Borders College. It sets out key areas the College and Association will work on together to improve the student experience in the Borders. The Agreement was created through a series of consultations with both staff and students at Borders College. This year the agreement sets out a series of commitments to drive improvements in three key areas; student health and wellbeing, student representation and communication between staff and students. The agreement explains in more detail how each will be achieved. Brian Jamieson is looking forward to getting started; “The Partnership Agreement is the next step in student representation. It is a commitment to improving things that are important to students. This is a really positive step as it shows the College and Students’ Association are willing to work together to make students’ lives better.” The Agreement will be reviewed and renewed each year, and signed by every in-coming Student President to ensure each year the priorities laid out are relevant to each new group of students. Click on the link below to read the partnership Agreement in full. http://www.tartanmonkey.co.uk/student-partnership-agreement/