How to Start a Club

Starting a club is actually quite simple, and the staff and student officers in the Students’ Association are always on hand to support you as you set up your new group. Follow these 4 simple steps and you’re good to go!

  1. Find a group of students with a common interest (this could be anything from rugby or basketball to jam-making or trainspotting!).
  2. E-mail Tell us when, where and how often your club is planning to meet. Attach a poster to the email which we can print for you.
  3. We will help you promote your club and if there is enough interest we can fund events, socials and any resources you might need.
  4. Once your club is up and running we can help you write a constitution (a list of aims and rules). We have put together a constitution template to get you started.
    Borders College Sample Club Constitution