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Stress Buster Zone

Stress Buster Zone

Everyone gets stressed before exams and assessment deadlines. A little bit of stress is a good thing because it helps us keep motivated, but sometimes stress levels get out of control meaning we don’t perform at our best. It is completely possible to manage some of the stress brought on by exams and assessments if you use the right strategies. Most importantly, don’t forget that there is life after exams! Things might seem crazy just now, but it won’t last forever. To help cope with pre-exam/assessment anxiety, we’ve put together a list of the some effective stress-busting techniques for you to try out.

If you feel it’s all getting too much, pop along to the Students’ Association office for a chat. Alternatively, contact us on bcsa@borderscollege.ac.uk.

Keep Things In Perspective

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Exams and assignments might seem like the most important thing you have to focus on, and you may sometimes feel [...]

Be Organised

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You should know when your exams will be, or when your assignment is due, so create yourself a study plan [...]

Plan Your Approach

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How are you going to study? In what environment are you most focussed? Some people prefer to study in silence, [...]


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It is really, really important to relax! Allow yourself time for fun and relaxation away from where you are studying [...]

Eat & Drink Well

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Stay healthy and avoid eating lots of junk food, drinking coffee or alcohol, or studying late into the night. It [...]

Study Away From Distractions

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Make sure you have a quiet area to study with no distractions. Turn the television off. Don’t make the mistake [...]

Be Healthy

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Be healthy! Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity five times a week – and that [...]

Get Outdoors

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Get Outdoors! Going outside helps to relieve your stress naturally, with research showing levels of the stress hormone cortisol are [...]

Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

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Don't forget to have fun! It’s easy to shut yourself away when you’re right in the middle of exam hell, [...]

Get Lots Of Sleep

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Get lots of sleep. Get as much rest as you can the night before your exam so that you're as energized as [...]

Be Positive

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Whenever you experience negative thoughts such as 'I'm never going to pass' or, 'This is too difficult' be aware that [...]

Exam Day

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Avoid learning new topics of Exam Day. Instead, focus on looking over your notes and key points. Perhaps you have [...]

Reward Yourself

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Reward yourself! After the exam is over, or the assignment has been submitted, give yourself a pat on the back [...]