…And the Results Are In!

Election season is well and truly underway with Borders College students turning out to vote in not only one, but two, elections this week. As the political landscape of the nation is decided, students have also cast their vote to determine the landscape of student politics at Borders College in the annual Student Elections.

With a record number of 11 candidates vying to become a Student Officer, competition was rife, and campaigns were bigger and more vibrant than ever before. For 2 weeks, the college has been festooned in vibrant and eye-catching campaign posters, leaflets, fliers and banners. Throughout election week, candidates worked hard to share with students their vision for Borders College Students’ Association (BCSA), with some candidates running with a very simple agenda:  Use Your Vote! Electronic voting stations were set up in student spaces, stalls were set up to advertise individual campaigns, and candidates’ visited classes and other campuses to canvass for votes. Their combined efforts led to the best voter turnout BCSA has ever seen.

With a total of 490 votes cast (121% up on last year), BCSA’s new Executive team are now in place. Newly elected Student President Kevin Armstrong shared with us his thoughts on his election success.

I’m obviously ecstatic about the results! When they were announced, the first person I hugged got crushed, I was that relieved that I’d won, and all the work that I’d put in had paid off! I thought my campaign went really well, although the process was exciting and challenging. I tried really hard to meet and talk to as many students as possible to secure the votes I needed to win. It was awesome that we got so many people voting this year. I hope to use this as a starting point to get even more people involved in the Association. I’m really looking forward to improving life at Borders College, and engaging with the student body to find out what they want from their time at college, making positive changes for them, and raising the profile of the Students’ Association even more.”


Student President          Kevin Armstrong

Vice President for Education          Kerry Glass

Vice President for Equalities          Cherise Halliburton

Media Officer          Nathan Goff

Election Photo jpg