Make sure you have a quiet area to study with no distractions. Turn the television off. Don’t make the mistake of thinking “I’ll watch one more programme and then starting studying…”. Before you know it, it will be time to go to bed and you haven’t even lifted your pen! Falling behind with studying means additional stress and anxiety you don’t need.

Make sure you take breaks away from your study location. If you can, avoid studying in rooms where you normally relax (e.g. your bedroom or living room). The brain is very good at creating associations and you may begin to find it difficult to switch off after a study session, and even harder start studying in the first place!

If you are a night owl and prefer to study in the evening, don’t go straight to bed afterwards because your mind will still be thinking over what you have learnt. Take some exercise, go for a walk or do something else that will help relax you.