Your Voice

Student representation is a vital part of your college experience, making sure that decisions made about education include the student voice in the discussion. At BCSA we would encourage you to get as involved as you can in representing your peers. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice becomes! There are several levels of representation that you can get involved in which will give you the opportunity to really make a difference to the student experience at Borders College.

Class Representative

Being a class representative is a great opportunity to shape your learning experience at college. Each year every class in the college will elect its own representative. Reps actively engage with their fellow students, seeking out issues and presenting these to the Students’ Association. Class reps are extremely important to the Students’ Association as they are our link to the students in the college. If there is important information to be passed on we will often rely on our class reps to communicate this to students in their class. Ultimately the most important role of a class rep is to represent the view of other students in their class. Each year class reps provide feedback from their class at Faculty Council Meetings. We will also invite you for regular catch-ups throughout the year (cakes and biscuits always available!), as well as a number of meetings run by your Students’ Association where we can all meet to discuss college-wide issues, events and campaigns.

For a copy of the class rep handbook, please click here.

The Faculty Council

The Faculty Council provides an opportunity for class reps to meet with their Heads of Faculty and Programme Leaders to discuss what is working well and what can be improved within each course and within the college. There are seven Faculty Councils. They are; Creative Industries, Sport, Care, Access, Land Based, Construction and Engineering and Business, Management and Computing. Faculty Councils meet three times each year and is led by a student who is elected from the previous year’s Faculty Council. This student is known as the Faculty Council Chair.

Faculty Council Chairs

The Faculty Council Chair leads each Faculty Council Meeting. The Chair is responsible for driving the agenda and making sure all reps have the opportunity to provide feedback from their classmates. Each Faculty Council Chair will automatically become a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC acts as the political leadership of the Students’ Association and is made up of the Executive team and Faculty Council Chairs. They coordinate campaigns and events, discuss issues important to students and are responsible for making key decisions to enhance your student life. In short, the SRC is the student voice.

For a copy of the SRC handbook, please click here.

Student Officers

The primary purpose of a student officer is to ensure the student voice is represented at every level of decision making about teaching and learning. Becoming a student officer means representing students in a variety of ways, whether you are meeting with key decision-makers within the college to discuss specific initiatives and developments, attending Faculty Council Meetings to support fellow students, or planning vibrant events that all students can enjoy.