Your Voice

Student representation is a vital part of your college experience, making sure that decisions made about education include the student voice in the discussion. At BCSA we would encourage you to get as involved as you can in representing your peers. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice becomes! There are several levels of representation that you can get involved in which will give you the opportunity to really make a difference to the student experience at Borders College.

The Big Student Survey

The Students’ Association will ask for your feedback on college life three times a year as part of a big college-wide survey. We collect your views on lots of things, from the quality of teaching at the college to how much you enjoy the events run by the Students’ Association. We would love as many students to get involved in this as possible – without your feedback we can’t make the changes you want to see happen!

Student Experience Committee (SEC)

The SEC is a forum in which Student Officers share student feedback with college managers to develop solutions to students concerns and to prioritise areas for improvement.

We share the results of the Big Student Survey with the SEC – we pick out the most important themes raised by students and come up with ways to tackle the issues that you are facing. Hopefully you see real improvements as a result of this work!

Student Officers

The main purpose of a student officer is to make sure the student voice is represented at every level of decision making about teaching and learning. Becoming a student officer means representing students in lots of different ways, whether you are meeting with college managers, going to Student Experience Committees, or planning awesome events!

We recruit lots of Student Officers every year. If you fancy one of these role, get in touch to find out more –

Vice President for Education
Vice President for Activities
Vice President for Wellbeing
Vice President for Equalities
Sports Officer
LGBTQ+ Officer
Disabled Officer
Womens Officer