Your Voice

Student representation is a vital part of your college experience, making sure that decisions made about education include the student voice in the discussion. At BCSA we would encourage you to get as involved as you can in representing your peers. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice becomes! There are several levels of representation that you can get involved in which will give you the opportunity to really make a difference to the student experience at Borders College.

Class Representative

Class Representatives are students who are democratically elected by their classmates to represent the students in their class group. The role of the Class Rep is to create opportunities to collect feedback from classmates and to ensure this feedback is communicated and acted upon. The role of the class representative is not limited to hosting class rep meetings; representatives are encouraged by the Students’ Association to work with their peers and communicate feedback to staff throughout the year, and to take a proactive approach to supporting students with their concerns.

Class Rep Conference

The Students’ Association hosts three Class Rep Conferences each academic year. Class Rep Conferences provide an opportunity for Class Reps to meet with the Students’ Association to discuss the feedback they have collected. The aim of the Class Rep Conference is to support Class Reps solve problems before they require escalation to the Student Experience Committee.

Student Experience Committee (SEC)

The SEC is a forum in which Lead Reps share student feedback with college managers to develop solutions to students concerns and to prioritise areas for improvement.

Lead Representative

Lead Representatives are nominated by staff teams, and take on a leadership role for student representation in their curricular area. There are a total of nine Lead Representatives each academic year. Lead Reps will work closely with class reps, department staff and the Students’ Association to represent the interests of students. Lead Reps also attend Student Experience Committees (SECs) where they are responsible for creating and sharing feedback reports including the most important and widespread issues experienced by students in their area.

Student Officers

The primary purpose of a student officer is to ensure the student voice is represented at every level of decision making about teaching and learning. Becoming a student officer means representing students in a variety of ways, whether you are meeting with key decision-makers within the college to discuss specific initiatives and developments, attending Student Experience Committees to support fellow students, or planning vibrant events that all students can enjoy.